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Bachelor of Education(Early Childhood Development & Education) with IT

About the Programme

The programme promotes discovery, dissemination and advancement of knowledge through teaching, early assessment and intervention in the area of early childhood development and education in an inclusive approach. It is based on the understanding that children’s abilities should be identified early in life through suitable assessment and nurtured in a secure, caring and stimulating environment that facilities realization of individual’s full potential


Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the programme, a candidate must satisfy the university entry requirements i.e. a minimum Mean Grade of C+ in KCSE or have two Principal Passes at KACE/EAACE or a Diploma Certificate in ECDE from KNEC or a Diploma in Education from a recognized institution


Duration of the Programme
The duration of the program shall be four (4) academic years.


Degree Structure
The program shall follow the Maseno University approved requirements for undergraduate studies. In addition, students will also undertake a Practicum and teaching practice in an Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) Centre.

Programme Courses

Year 1, Semester 1           

ECE 101:     Historical, Philosophical and Sociological foundations
ECE 103: Child Development
ECE 105: Child Nutrition and Healthcare   

ECE 107:

Communication Strategies in Early Childhood Education
UCI 101: Foundations of Information Technology
UCI 103: Word processing and Design of Presentations
EPY 110:

Introduction to Educational Psychology

Year 1, Semester 2        


ECE 102:  

Child Psychology

ECE 104: Music, Dance and Drama Activities
ECE 106:      Physical and Psychomotor Activities
ECE 108: Life Skills in ECDE
ESE 102: Introduction to Sign Language

ESE 104:

Introduction to Braille Communication
EMA 111: Environmental Education
UCI 102:

Computer Communications Techniques

UCI 104: Data Manipulation and Analysis Using Spreadsheets 
PHT 112: HIV and AIDS Determinants Prevention and Management


Year 2, Semester 1

ECE 201: Mathematics Activities  
ECE 203: Social Studies and Environmental Activities
ECE 205: Art and Craft Activities
EDF 211: History of Education
ECT 210: General Methods of Teaching
UCI 201 The Internet and Worldwide Web
UCI 203: Desktop Publishing Techniques


And one elective from the following list:

ECE 207: Christian Religious Education Activities   
ECE 209: Islamic Religious Education Activities
ECE 211: Hindu Religious Education Activities  

Year 2, Semester 2     

ECE 202: Science Activities
ECE 204: Language Activities
ECE 206: Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Education  
ECE 208: Quality Assurance in Early Childhood Education 
ECE 210: Curriculum Development in ECDE
ESE 204: Introduction to Inclusive Education
EDF 210: Philosophy of Education
ECT 211: Educational Media and Resources
ECT 212: Curriculum Development
UCI  202: Computer Based Information Systems
UCI  204: Relational Database Management Systems


Year 3, Semester 1          

ECE 301: Methods of Teaching Language and Literary Activities
ECE 303: Methods of Teaching Arts and Craft Activities
ECE 305: Methods of Teaching Science Activities   
ECE 307: Methods of Teaching Mathematics Activities   
ECE 309: Methods of Teaching Physical and Psychomotor Activities
EPY 310: Human Growth and Development
UCI 301: Management of Information Technology Projects
UCI 303: Multimedia and Graphics Systems and Applications

Year 3, Semester 2

ECE 302: Methods of Teaching Social Studies and Environmental Activities
ECE 304: Methods of Teaching Life Skills in ECDE     
ECE 306: Methods of Teaching Music, Dance and Drama Activities      
ECE 314: Individualized Education Programme in ECDE
ESE 304: Introduction to Research in Education
ECT 360: Human Behaviour, Learning, Guidance and Counselling
UCI 302: Educational Technology
UCI 304: Electronic Commerce
ECE 313: Statistical Analysis using SPSS


Practicum / Attachment

And one Elective from the following list  

ECE 308: Methods of Teaching Christian Religious Education Activities
ECE 310: Methods of Teaching Islamic Religious Education Activities               
ECE 312:  Methods of Teaching Hindu Religious Education Activities    


Year 4, Semester 1  

ECE 401: Child Rights, Policy Issues, and Legislation in ECDE
ECE 403: Guidance and Counseling in ECDE
ECE 405: Assessment and Intervention in ECDE
EPY 410: Educational tests, measurements and evaluation
EDF 410: Sociology of Education and Comparative Education
EMA 411: Educational Management and Administration
UCI 401: Social and Professional Issues in IT
UCI 403: Information Assurance and Security


Year 4, Semester 1

ESE 402: Management of Inclusive Education Programme
ECE 406:

Behavior Management in Early Childhood Development and Education

ECE 408: Contemporary Issues and Trends in ECDE
ECT 390: Teaching Practice
EMA 412: Planning and Economics of Education
UCI 402: Human Computer Interaction
UCI 404: Special Topics in Contemporary ICTs