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About Special Needs Education

Department of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation

Message from Chair

The department of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation was established in the year 1997 by Prof. Edwards Kochung.  Since then, the department has experienced tremendous growth in terms of programmes and admissions in response to the diverse needs of the society. The department is currently nurturing an upcoming department of Early Childhood Development and Education. There are 14 members of academic staff, 4 technicians and 3 sign language interpreters serving at both main and Kisumu campuses.


The department offers Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Masters and Doctor of Philosophy programmes in Special Needs Education at Main and Kisumu campuses. The courses offered at various levels are interdisciplinary leading to an inclusive orientation with an eventual opportunity of specialising in the areas of visual, physical, mental or hearing disabilities.


Our Masters and Doctor of Philosophy in Special Needs Education programme involve course work and research. The course work is meant to strengthen the knowledge base of students, enabling them to conduct empirical research and to disseminate information.

Graduates of our programmes work in the ministry of education and its semi-autonomous government agencies as well as in Nongovernmental Organization (NGOs). They serve as teachers, social workers, audiologists, speech therapists, curriculum developers, assessment specialists, quality assurance officers, education administrators, sign language interpreters, lecturers, consultants and researchers.



To be a center of excellence in teaching, research and community outreach in Special Needs Education


To ensure quality service provision to students and respond to community and market needs in Special Needs Education


Quality Objectives

  1. To contribute effectively to social, intellectual and academic development in the community by training practice oriented manpower in Special Needs Education
  2. To offer quality services through teaching and develop academic excellence in basic and applied research in Special Needs Education
  3. To continuously monitor, train and review quality performance of the members of staff and ensure improvement of services to departmental clients.
  4. To maintain effective communication amongst members of staff in order to improve services, products and work environment