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Master of Education in Educational Planning and Economics

About the Programme  

This programme aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to identify suitable education plans and polices, that will enable the society attain the desired progress in social, economic and political arena


Programme Courses

EDU 801

Research Methods in Education

EDU 802

Measurements and Evaluation

EDU 803

Educational  Statistics & Computer Application

EMA 842

Methodologies in Educ. Planning

EMA 843

Quantitative Analysis in Education Planning

EMA 846

Population Studies

EMA 847:

Education and Economic Growth

EMA 850

Human Capital in Economics of Education 

EMA 851

Equity and Efficiency in Education

EMA 852:

Financing of Education

EMA 853

Cost Benefit Analysis

EMA 856

Current Issues in Education

EMA 845

Micro Project Planning in Education

EMA 899                 

Research  Proposal and  Thesis Writing 


Programme Requirement 

Admission Requirements 
Maseno University School of Graduate Studies Rules and Regulations for Post Graduate studies admission shall apply 


Duration of the Programme 
The programme shall run for a period of two academic years distributed over four semesters for full time students and a maximum of four calendar years for those on part-time from the date of registration.