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Master of Education in Educational Administration

About the Programme

This programme aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to equip learners with adequate skills for Human resource management, conflict management, policy formulation and Administration and Educational Governance. 


Programme Courses



Course Code

Course Title


Research Methods in Education

EDU 802

Measurements and Evaluation

EDU 803

Educational  Statistics & Computer Application

EMA 833

Theories and Concepts in Education  

EMA 834

Human Resource Management 

EMA 835

Administration of Education  Programs 

EMA 836

Policy Formulation and Administration 

EMA 837

Change and Management of Change

EMA 852

Financing of Education

EMA 856

Current Issues in Education

EMA 857

Guidance and Counseling 

EMA 860

Legal Issues in Education

EMA 859

Gender Issues in Education 

EMA 861:

Higher Education Administration 

EMA 899                 

Research  Proposal and  Thesis Writing 


 Programme Requirement 

Admission Requirements 
Maseno University School of Graduate Studies Rules and Regulations for Post Graduate studies admission shall apply 


Duration of the Programme 
The programme shall run for a period of two academic years distributed over four semesters for full time students and a maximum of four calendar years for those on part-time from the date of registration.