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Diploma in Special and Inclusive Education

About the Programme 

The program prepares high-level personnel for colleges, schools, government, international and local Educational agencies, in teaching, research, policy analysis, curriculum review, educational administration, development and leadership. It also prepares students for undergraduate studies. The target group are beginners in the area of service provision for children with disabilities and other special needs. Ideally, it is an eye opener to care givers, teachers, parents and others intending to develop careers working with children with special needs. 


Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission into a Diploma in special and inclusive education, candidates must satisfy the University entry requirements i.e. a minimum Mean grade of C in KCSE or have a Certificate in special needs education from a recognized institution


Duration of the Programme
The duration of the program shall be two academic years, full time.


Programme Structure

The program consists of course work and examinations including teaching practice. The course will be offered in units where a unit is defined as 3 hours lecture per week per semester. All units are categorized as CORE unless specified. Students are required to take all units prescribed for the program.


Programme Courses

Year 1, Semester 1

EDSE 0100: Introduction to Special Needs Education
EDSE 0101: Introduction to communication Difficulties
EDSE 0102: Disability and Community Services
EDSE 0103: Child Growth, Development and early Care
EDSE 0104: Psychosocial Effects of Disability
EDSE 0105: Basic Braille
EDSE 0106: Elementary Kenyan Sign Language


Year 1, Semester 2

EDSE 0107: Human Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
EDSE 0108: Curriculum issues and teaching in inclusive settings  
EDSE 0109: Historical Development and Management of SNE Programs  
EDSE 0110: Guidance, Counseling and Behavior Management
EDSE 0111 Educational Assessment and Early Intervention  
EDSE 0112 Science  
EDSE 0113: Religious Studies


Year 2, Semester 1

EDSE 0200: Mathematics   
EDSE 0201: ICT and Educational Resources in Special Needs      
EDSE 0202: P.E and Recreational Activities     
EDSE 0203: Education I
EDSE 0204: Agriculture   
EDSE 0205: English  
EDSE 0206:    Social Studies
EDSE 0207:   Kiswahili

Year 2, Semester 2

EDSE 0208: Specific Methods of Teaching Mathematics  
EDSE 0209: Specific Methods of Teaching English   
EDSE 0210: Specific methods of Teaching Science
EDSE 0211: Specific Methods of Teaching Agriculture
EDSE 0212 Specific Methods of Teaching CRE  
EDSE 0213: Specific Methods of Teaching Kiswahili   
EDSE 0214: Specific Methods of Teaching Social Studies  
EDSE 0215: Individualised Education Programme
EDSE 0216: Attachment
EDSE 0217: Education II