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Doctor of philosophy in Special Needs Education

About the Programme
The program is designed to produce professionals who are capable of supporting learners with varied educational needs, undertaking educational leadership positions that are responsive to the learner and to all stake-holders; reviewing and innovatively implementing the curriculum; and contributing positively to contemporary issues in special needs education. The program targets educators, administrators, policy makers and researchers who are expected to take leadership and manage issues related Special Needs Education at various levels.

Admission Requirements
A Masters degree of Maseno University or any other recognised university or other
qualifications considered by University Senate as equivalent to a relevant Masters 

Duration of the Programme
A Doctoral programme in Special Needs Education takes a minimum period of three academic years and a maximum period of five academic years for a candidate registered as full time. A Candidate registered as part-time, shall take a minimum of four academic years and a maximum of seven academic years of part-time attendance. 

Degree Structure
The programme is offered through coursework, research, proposal and thesis writing. Where a doctoral student is found deficient in areas necessary for PhD research work as determined by the department, the student shall be required to register for relevant courses from Masters/Undergraduate programs. Such students will be expected to register and pass examinations in the courses particularly level 8 courses.

Programme Courses
Year 1, Semester 1

EDU 901: Advanced Research Methods in Education
EDU 902: Education Statistics and Computer Applications
ESE 901: Current Trends and Issues in SNE
ESE 902: Principles and Practices of Habilitation and Rehabilitation
EDU 904: Doctoral Seminar I

Year 1, Semester 2

EDU 903: Advanced Measurement and Evaluation
EDU 904: Doctoral Seminar II
ESE 903: Advanced Special Needs Assessment and Early Intervention
ESE 904: Curriculum Differentiation in Special Needs Education

Year 2, Semester 1 and 2

EDU 999: Research (Proposal Writing and Research)

Year 3, Semester 1 and 2

EDU 999: Research (Thesis Writing)