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Master of Education in Special Needs Education

About the Programme
The Master of Education in Special Needs Education is a cross-categorical programme that responds to the emerging trends by offering a balance of courses that prepare a special needs education professional who is well grounded in theory and practice. It seeks to produce competent graduates who can conduct research, document and disseminate information on issues related to special needs education while serving in educational institutions and other relevant fields.

Admission Requirement
To qualify for into the M.Ed programme in Special Needs Education a candidate must be a holder of Bachelors degree in Special Needs Education of at least Second Class Honours Upper Division) of Maseno University or equivalent from recognized University. Holders of 2nd class lower division with at least 2 years working experiences will also be considered.

Duration of the Programme
The duration of the program shall be two (2) academic years  full time attendance of four (4) academic years for part-time candidates.

Degree Structure
The programme is structured for both full and part-time studies. Courses are offered in units with a unit defined as a one-hour lecture or 3hrs per week per semester. The programme shall consist of a minimum of forty-two (42) and a maximum of fifty-eight (58) units. The programme will be covered by course work, proposal writing, research and thesis writing.

Year 1, Semester 1

EDU    801:   Research Methods in Education
ESE    801: Issues and Trends in Special Needs Education     
ESE     802: Psychology and Sociology of Disability  
ESE    803: Special Needs Assessment  
ESE    805: Practices and Management in Inclusive Education    
EMA    833: Theories and Concepts in Educational Administration

And at least ONE elective from the list given:      

ESE  807: Psychology & Sociology in Special Needs Education    
ESE 809: Adaptive Curriculum and Teaching in Special Needs Education
ESE  811: Speech and Auditory Training for Learners with SNE
ESE  813: Philosophies of Teaching and Learning in Special Needs Education
ESE  815:    Education and Low Vision      
ESE  817:  Education of the Gifted and Talented     

Year 1, Semester 2

EDU 802: Measurements and Evaluation    
EDU 804: Educational Statistics and Computer Applications
ESE 804:     Disability and Community Based rehabilitation     
ESE 806: Management of Learners with Autism    
ESE 808:   Seminars in Special Needs Education    
EDU 803: Research Methods II

And at least one elective from one of the following specializations

Specialisation 1: Hearing Impairment

ESE 810: Advanced Educational Audiology    
ESE 812:     Sign Language Interpretation     
ESE 814: Sign Language Linguistics  
ESE 816: Bilingualism in Deaf Education

Specialisation 2:  Mental Disability

ESE 818: Learning Difficulties     
ESE 820:   Vocational Rehabilitation and mental disability     
ESE 822: Language and Speech Problems Related to Mental disability
ESE 824:   Production and Use of Learning Materials in Special Needs

Specialisation 3: Visual Impairment

ESE 826:  Advanced Orientation & Mobility    
ESE 828: Braille and Education     
ESE 830: Technology and Visual Impairment  

Specialisation 4: Rehabilitation

ESE 832:     Counseling in Special Needs Education     
ESE 834 Vocational Developments and Career Counseling    in Special Needs
ESE 836:   Principles and Practices in Rehabilitation 
ESE 838: Medical Practice and Rehabilitation    

Year 2, Semester 1 and 2

EDU 899: Research Proposal and Thesis writing